Monday, April 13, 2009

Buying Branded cars at car auctions

Where else would you want to buy a good quality car at a much lower price than in government auto auctions?

Who doesn't want to own a luxury car or simply put "a car"? Almost all of us would want to own a car but the fact is only a few of us can really afford to have one.

This is why it is a good news for everyone to know that there is such a thing as government car auctions where you can get a car at a very low cost. You may think of it as a joke when we are literally talking about purchasing a government seized car with 95% off the market price. Well, it is true, you can buy it only in a federal auto action. These charming well-maintained government repo cars that can only be 2 to 3 years old.

Hear the testimonials of proud buyers of these government vehicle auctions. A 2002 Ford Expedition EB with a book value of $18,944 for a price: $8,000. Get your son his first car, a 1996 Acura Integra with a book value of $9,223 only for a price: $3,876 in these government car sales. Some even make profit out of these government auction vehicles when they buy them and then sell it with an added value.

Government seized auto auctions open doors for the public to bid for their dream car.

Now you wonder where these cars come from? Oh, they can come from different government departments. Government cars auctions also acquire the cars from special seizure operations of the police. Sometimes these cars are simply bound by seizure laws that the government needed to make money out of them.

Branded cars like BMW, Chrysler, Honda, Lexus and the list go on are sold in government auctions for the public. If the government do not need them, might as well auction it to the public. Besides, it will save the government the cost of maintaining these incredible hot wheels.

Buying a vehicle in government auctions is a smart move. You just need to know the basics to make you a smart buyer. Here are the when you want to join these auctions.

1. Know how to bid by attending as many auctions as you can to help you get a feel of how the pressure goes. Doing your homework will pay out when you take the time to do some research. Knowing the real market value of the car out there is important just so that you will know what your car is worth. Getting an expert's opinion will not hurt. Meeting them in as many auctions you can participate into is the start of everything.

When you say research, this means business like going through the internet like reading reviews about the model of the car and also price information. Going online can get you closer to great discounts from these auctions.

2. Be the best friend of a mechanic even for just a day because he knows what is the best car for you. Checking the car history is one thing that your buddy mechanic should give you advise of. And just in case you didn't know about the VIN. Now is the time, to remember that it stands for "Vehicle Identification number". The VIN can be found on the tile or under the windshield of the vehicle.

When it comes to car parts, horsepower and engines, car professionals and mechanics would know more that you do so you better bring him with you in these auctions. An opinion of a car expert is very handy when you start thinking of the requirements to own a car. Usually it will take 2 weeks or longer since the car came from government auctions, so if you want to drive your car once you bought it, handling the papers on time is a must.

3. Know your limits. It pays to know the you are within your limit because in the end you would have to take care of what you bought and you know an expensive one will also cost you more in maintenance. And when you are ready to sign the papers, do not forget to read!

Read the details of the contract carefully before you sign your name in it. Know the terms and agreements or if there are warranties.

4. Test drive the car. You need to make sure that you will be comfortable driving it in real time. Nothing helps better than testing the car you would want to own.

Government car auctions are really the best way to get great deals if you want to buy quality cars at a cheaper price. These days you don't really need to hit the financial cul de sac to realize you can still own a car.

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